60GB Sony PS3 in stock online, hardware specs for Europe release revealed

February 24, 2007 by aleks | Leave a Comment
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Sony PS3 60GB model
The Sony PS3 model with 60GB is widely available at several online suppliers like Amazon, Gamestop, BestBuy and CircuitCity for the standard price of $599. Seems like the situation is calming down. No more paying $2000+ for a console on eBay, or camping at the local hardware store like the days before and after the U.S launch on Nov 17th, when only 200.000 consoles (out of 400.000) were sold.

In a press-release, Sony stated that the Playstation 3 console will be available in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia on the 23rd of March, and it will have a new hardware specification. Among the other things, the European PS3 will have the 60GB drive, Blu-ray Disc Player, built-in wifi and the SIXAXIS wireless controller. This console will be backward compatible with a lot of PS games and some PS2 games. Also on the launch date, a firmware update will be presented, which will allow several other PS2 games to be playable on the PS3. You can check all the games compatible with the Sony PS3 on this link. I’m so eager to see how will things go on launch date. Aren’t you? 🙂

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