The Prada Bluetooth Headset


Prada and LG are appearing to have the makings of the great partnership, both have style and great designs in their own fields, so brought together that have hit on a fantastic combination, where all the products are cool looking and have something that a lot of other electrical item do not have, style!

prada headsetTake the LG – Prada Bluetooth Headset, unlike some other Bluetooth devices this one is shiny and glossy, it looks like it belongs in a magazine, and so will probably become the next hot thing as all the celebs attempt to fill the ears with them, can you have one in each ear? I have never really thought that one.

So what do you get with this device, there is the curios display on the side, I say curious simply because what is the point, when you are using it, how can you see what says? Anyway the display lets you know the battery strength and ear piece volume, which I suppose you can set before you place into your ear, I should point out that the display is not always visible, as it only stays illuminated while you check the settings etc.

To accept a call, the button is placed on the side above the display, but is a flush fitting button so will not stick out at all, the whole concept of this head set is about design and style, and really this one will be the best one on the market when it hit’s the market place some time in May this year, price wise you can expect to be paying out for the design and the name, therefore it is bound to be more expensive than the others on the market.

Product Page [Prada Phone]

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