Table that has time


This is a normal every day table, that could be used for any purpose though I doubt very much if you would be wanting to put down hot dinks or even food on this as it is covered with electro luminescent film covered tiles, which give the effect of the digital time.


The clock is a fully operational clock with alarm and a sleep timer where you are able to set a time where the illuminated clock is turned off, which is a good idea, if you it in your bedroom it would drive you mad, I would have thought.

This is a cool piece of design and technology, it may not be practical as an everyday table, but having said that it might be I suppose that it depends on the usage and where it is, but this is a cross between modern art, design and technology, it that light it should be treated as such.

Product Page [Time Table]


  1. Hey mate.

    I was making a joke about this just a minute ago and I dueled my brother that if I google this shit it would come out like this.

    it did.



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