Sit On A Keyboard Key!


Command SitNow this is what I called total geeky 1337-ness. If you are a true geek, or a geek wannabe, once you read this, you probably won’t want to sit in an ordinary chair. Sure, a nice comfy chair with wheels may sound a bit too nice, but the amenity of it may not suit a true geek?

A Japanese company known as Duende has brought light for us nerds! How does sitting on a stackable stool shaped like a keyboard key sound like? This cool stool that comes in black background with white letters and white background with black letters resembles a keyboard key. Unfortunately, the “sit” key does not exist anywhere on our keyboards (may yours do?) but the concept itself is pretty cool. I personally think that maybe instead of “sit”, and “esc” or a “home” key may have been great, but that’s just me.

Product Page [Duende]

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  1. It’d be nice if there was a longer key angled against it making a proper chair. Perhaps “backspace”.


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