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Data BreakerWhenever we are connected to the Internet, it does not matter what sort of precautions we have taken, there is always an element risk these days, and it is a sign of the times that we live in. We all have firewalls and software solutions which do a great job, but what happens when you are away from the computer? Before with dial up, this was no problem as the computer was not connected, however now days with broadband the computer is always connected to the internet and that is the danger, it is open to attack from hackers and from programs like worms, virus’s and spyware programs.

What the Data Breaker system does, is to simply disconnect the computer from the Internet, if it detects that the computer has been idles for a set period of time. The idea being that if there is no broadband signal, then there is no possible way of your computer being hacked or any of the personal details being taken from your computer while it is idle and possibly while you are away from home.

Basically what your $40 dollars is paying for is peace of mind, the data breaker is plugged into the home electrical system and then the computer is connected to the plug and that is it, your done and your equipment is safe from outside attack.

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  1. You should have a firewall. DataBreaker reduces exposure to hackers, etc. by automatically disconnecting from the internet when it senses inactivity on the computer. But once activity resumes, a software firewall is needed as the computer becomes visible again.

    Depending on how mother boards are set, many have a WOL feature or Wake on Lan. THe computer is set to awaken when it detects an internet signal. Many updates are uploaded this way after a computer is turned off.

    DataBreaker is a simple to connect hardware protection device designed to reduce unneccesary time a computer is connected or available to the internet.

    DataBreaker also provides a manual protect on/protect off switch so you can disengage DataBreaker if you need to download a large file.

  2. My computer is really slow sometimes and often doesn’t connect to the internet the way it should. I have started to leave my computer on because of this problem. Maybe this data breaker will take some of the worries away about viruses.


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