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February 23, 2007 by davidallen | 2 Comments
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You know how exciting it is when you are hunting through wardrobes and any other storage spaces and you find something that you has completely forgotten about, it feels just like all your birthdays and xmas’s put together, well imagine what it would be like to finally gain access to any hard drive or any other storage device that you have had for years locked away and forgotten about, wouldn’t that be great?

Universal Drive AdapterUniversal Drive Adapter

With the Universal Drive Adapter, from Newer Tech, you can do just that; gain access to any old hard drive or storage device.

The Universal Drive Adapter works as link between the USB port of your current computer and one of the ports that the hard drive or storage device has, such as ATA, Serial ATA or an ATAPI port, once connected you will be able to transfer files, back up files, or even large archived files that are stored on that particular hard drive.


The easy set up, it is plug in and play, will enable you to set and get going as soon as you are ready to go.


Universal to USB2 Adapter
Compatible with any 2.5″, 3.5″, 5.25″ IDE or SATA device!
Supports IDE & enhanced IDE 3.5″ internal IDE hard disk
Supports ATA/ATAPI-6 specification 1.0
Supports SATA I and SATA II
USB 2.0 up to 480Mbps transfer speed
Backwards compatible with USB 1.1
Instruction Manual

The Universal Drive Adapter is available online or at selected retailers for around $25.

Product Page [Universal Drive Adapter]

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2 Comments so far

  1. Kevin Martin on June 19, 2008 00:14

    I have tried this but you can not gain access to my document files. it tells you that you currantly dont have permission to access this folder. WHY? do any one have the solution to this problem???


  2. rdavid7 on November 13, 2008 21:36

    have you found a way around the access problem.?..i’m having the same. any advice wba

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