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February 23, 2007 by davidallen | 2 Comments
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This one is must for all serious movie fans, for anyone who it not a serious movie person, this is you call to become one of the serious movie fans, its your call, because this system although is highly technical, yet can be used ease, so you do not need to be technically minded to be one of the club.


The technology used is the same as in all of the Arcam systems, using the best components, for AV, DVD and Hi-Fi, which will give the system 720p/1080i video up scaling, audiophile grade Hi-Fi sound for the CD that are played on the system, 2 into 1 HDMI switching at 1080p, full iPod integration, DVD Audio, SACD, DAB and FM Radio, as well as Arcams optional extras of rLead and rDock.

The sound is delivered through speakers that can give you 50 watts rms and five channel amplifiers. There is also for those who use it full clock facilities, this will enable you to be woken up by either a movie or music, you can have some serious fun with that one! The system itself is very easy to operate which makes it a pleasure to use. The price is going to be around the £2000 mark, which is about $3800.

Product Page [Arcam]

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  1. Ken on March 5, 2007 19:57

    You should note that you are reviewing the Solo Movie 5.1, not the Solo which is a two channel 75wpc unit (and it is silver)

  2. rock songs on April 21, 2010 12:54

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