Alpine NVE-N872

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alpine nve-n872

At $1700 you really need to be a serious frequent driver to even consider getting one of these. The Alpine NVE-N872 is a large GPS satnav unit (best placed in your boot/trunk), which features Navteq maps for the US and Canada and has 9 million POI (points-of-interest) stored on it’s DVD.
NVE-N872 remoteThe NVE-N872 is supplied with a remote that let’s you take control over the unit from the drivers position and access many useful features, such as pre-defined location buttons such as your home.

The NVE-N872 also features what Alpine calls “vehicle speed pulse input”, which gives feedback from the touchscreen as you would expect when pressing normal buttons. This is useful as it means you can use the screen without looking at it – and therefor avoid driving into that big truck ahead of you. But did I mention that no screen is included in the $1700? That’s going to set you back another few hundred dollars, probably close or even one thousand.

Other features include voice control, English, Spanish and French language support and zoomable freeway intersection maps, something I think can be very useful.


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