Google set to offer their own office suite for sale

February 22, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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google logoAs you may of noticed on at the to of the page on Gmail there are links to calendar, spreadsheet and docs, this is essentially this is the Google Office Suite it has been around for about six months or more and it has been available for free, not bad considering the cost of other similar applications, it is estimate that there are around 100,000 people using this application, which is probably why Google have now decided to charge for the use of these services, not bad when you have a ready made customer base.

When Google introduce the fee based Google applications, it is believed that the cost of a license will be something in the region of $50 per year, but for that they will get more email storage, technical support and the knowledge that they do not have to change over the software applications to another system.

The main competition comes from of course Microsoft, their most comparable product would Microsoft Office, which is more detailed and is clearly fully loaded with extras, but the price would be slightly dearer, most corporates obviously do not pay the full price of around $120, so the actual price could be as low as the $50 that Google is going to charge, but that would only be for multiple licenses and multi year contracts, for everyone else it is going to come down to choice, who do you prefer? Google or Microsoft?

Product Page [Google Docs Support]

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