Doorbell connected to your mobile phone

February 22, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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waleliYou know how it is, your in the kitchen or out in the garden, the door bell rings, obviously you cannot get to it immediately, so what do you do? Nothing or pick up your mobile phone and talk to who ever it at your door, sounds like something that would help you, then read on.

The GSM Door Bell by Waleli a Netherlands based wireless innovation company, is the doorbell that allows you to use your mobile phone to speak to the person at your door.

How does it work? The door bell looks different to other door bells, it is larger than the average door bell but then you would expect that. What happens is someone presses the door bell and it rings as normal, but for some you are unable to get the door, but you do not have to, because this door bell rings your mobile phone, so not only can you answer the door when it is impractical to do so, but you can even answer you own front door when you are away from home, maybe even at work or on holiday. So you are able to speak to the person at the door and they can talk to you by pressing the intercom button, what’s more if it is someone that you know, you would be even able to open the door for them, because the door bell is also connected to the door as an electronic door catch, which enables you to open the door by entering a password or pin number via the mobile phone keypad and all they have to door is pull or push the door to get in, it is clearly great for people with kids who forget their keys or if you get an unexpected visit from a friend or relative, how cool is that?

But even an better and probably life saving use for this, is if somebody has had and accident at home, maybe they are elderly or very young, if they are injured and cannot get to the phone or the door then they could be in serious trouble, but by simply having their mobile phone they are able to call the emergency services and let them into their home without any hassle at all.

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