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February 21, 2007 by davidallen | 4 Comments
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If you are a parent or employer who wishes to montior the computer usage remotely, so as an employer you are able to check on the staff while you are away, and as a consernd parent you can see what your kids up to, who they are talking to and what sites they are visiting.

snoop stickIt is simple to use, just like a flash drive, you put the snoop stick into the USB port and the software is then loaded onto the computer, but there is no indication of the software is running so there is noway that the person using the computer can tell that the software is running.

Once that is done, you will be able to simply plug the snoop stick into any computer that is running a windows OS and the computer that you previously added the software to, is automatically targeted by the software and you will be able to see exactly what your kids or staff are looking at and talking to.


The price of the snoop stick is around $60 and is available fron the Snoop Stick website.

Product Page [Snoop Stick]

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4 Comments so far

  1. Sarah on November 3, 2007 00:04

    Shame on anyone who has used this. Selling a product to spy on people?
    I can understand wanting to block inappropriate websites – an act of prevention – but viewing emails, instant messages, and past websites visited? Whatever happened to trust and respect? Do you honestly have such a crappy relationship with your kids you have to spy on them?
    Makes me sick.

  2. Midnight on December 11, 2007 04:25

    Sarah seams to have no experiance with teenage boys. We have programs that do the same type of thing as this stick. We use the logs to find the sites that are being missed to add to the lists. Mostly porn.

  3. Lee on December 18, 2007 18:30

    I have ADHD kids who don’t understand “impulse control” at all. They know this sofware is running on thier PCs, they know they can’t shut it down and it makes them think twice about what they do on the PC.

    So, do I have a crappy relationship with my kids? Not in the least. This just keeps very impulsive kids from being as impulsive. It’s a deterrant but like I said, they know it’s there.

  4. Stew on September 19, 2008 23:11

    What about employees that are “under investigation”? what if you owned a company and an employee was gathering all your information and selling it off to a competitor? we have an employee that is needing to be under investigation soon and will require software like this. They all have a disclaimer in there employee handbook telling them systems will be monitored so if they abuse the system tuff luck

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