Phone that is a security camera

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3rdiYou can place this phone in any position and in any place that you feel it will be of any use.

Basically the 3rd I system is a cross between a camera and a mobile phone, what you do is set the camera up where want it, the phone is a mobile phone, so there is no need for the device to be placed near a phone socket or even an electrical socket, as the battery will last for some days on the 3rd I device but if you are going away for some time, then clearly you will need this to be plugged into the mains in order for it to stay operational for long enough. The device is then set, you can choose the type of setting but the most effective would be the motion detector which works on the principal that if some one or some thing crosses the phones or cameras path then this will activate the system, this will then send your mobile phone an alert or will cal you, then you are able to take the appropriate action.

Apart from that you are able to access the camera by calling the number and accessing it by using your unique PIN number, so not only do you have peace of mind, you can also show off to your friends all the gear that you have, like your new wall mounted plasma TV, no one believes you at work, but you can prove it by calling up the camera.

There are other possibilities open to this type of technology, like protecting your stock if you own a shop or something like, then you can see who is stealing your stock while you are away, keeping an eye on the kids, pets and anything else that you can think of that needs to be looked after or look into, because the camera phone is totally portable it can be placed in any location that you feel is necessary.

The phone camera will cost around £200 about $380 US, but there is a need to have a contract, which can range from £10 to £50 per month depending on which type of service you, require.

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