Is using a wireless setup risky

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Well according to recent research Indiana University School of Informatics it certainly is, but not from the conventional way of gaining information and details from you computer, the new way is to slowly drive around a city or town and scan the airwaves for wireless networks, it is easy to do, if you have been in a heavily populated area and turned the wireless connection on your laptop on, you can find all kinds of networks, but without the right access details that is as far as it goes. The way these guys do it, is the same expect they have written a piece of Java script, that when connected to a wireless network can do all kinds of terrible damage to your computer and to your personal data.

What they do is first change the domain name server (DNS) setting on your wireless broadband router, then you are diverted to all sorts of sites, while your on the net. Normally when you type in an address the ISP that you use has the servers which direct your inquiry to the right site, but if there hackers have their way, you are diverted to alternate sites, which are designed to gather information, maybe just a little bit at a time, but if these guys are running this all the time, you could be looking at thousands of networks being hacked, and as you can imagine there is whole lot pain and aggravation that these people can do to you, if they manage to gain access to your wireless network and eventually your personal details.

However before you go and throw your wireless router in the bin, there is a simple and effective solution that will save you all the hassle and heart ache, that is to simply change the default password and going into the control panel and making sure that there is a password to access the section where you can change the internal settings, then you are much more secure.

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