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If you have ever seen the US hit series 24, then no doubt you are hooked on it. Now is your chance to own the same watch that Jack Bauer wore in series five,

bauerThe watch is a MTM Black Hawk Special Ops Watch, to give it its full title, and it appears that Keifer Sutherland liked the watch so much, that he does actually were it when he is not being Jack Bauer, so the watch also has celeb appeal.

Built to special ops requirements the Black Hawk has been designed to withstand to sort of punishment that you would expect from this type of working environment, the watch has a special lighting system that allows the user to see the time and other details without actually becoming a beacon when on a covert operation, but the opposite of that is the external light which is used for signaling and in the event of an extraction, this light is in orange and can be seen for up to a mile away depending on terrain and weather conditions.

bauerWhat’s more because of the robust nature of the watch, changing the batteries may cause the watch to lose some of it strength or maybe even not be put back together properly, so to alleviate this type of accidental damage the batteries are rechargeable and can be charged up in a similar manner as a mobile phone.

To complete your special ops design, you are able to choose between to types of watch strap, the heavy duty Velcro strap design, or the tough black rubber type strap, as additional straps, the watch comes with a brushed black metal bracelet type strap.

The price of this special watch is around £330 or $450 for the basic version, the price can go high, as you are willing to pay, so be careful.

Product Page [Special Ops Watch UK]

Product Page [Special Ops Watch USA]

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