GSM/WiFi Linux cellphone: E2831

February 20, 2007 by poeloq | 8 Comments
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e2831 cellphoneThe E2831 is a -powered cellphone from Shanghai based manufacturer E28 Ltd., which has been recently been approved by the FCC. It supports normal mobile telephony using any network SIM and GSM, but also offers via the SIP Protocol and WiFi.

It is powered by a OMAP TI 730 processor and 64 MB RAM + 64 MB NAND Flash memory and features a 2.2″ touchscreen. GSM is quadband and WiFi 802.11b/g with auto roaming. Apart from GSM and WiFi it offers Bluetooth 1.2 for wireless connectivity and USB 1.1 (Mini USB) for wired. You can surf the Internet using the supplied Opera browser and POP3, SMTP and eSMTP are supported for e-Mail.

This sounds like a really good phone to me, especially as it features auto-switching between GSM and VoIP, something I have wanted for quite a while. Availability in Europe is unknown, but I will check this one out when I visit China later this year.

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8 Comments so far

  1. Robert on May 31, 2007 18:23

    Nice phone … where would I get one ?


  2. Emily on October 19, 2007 03:04

    I just got one at, for 86 euros, and 21 euros for shipping. Hope it lives up to my expectations!

  3. x3m on May 12, 2008 16:59

    This phone is comercialised by Neuf Telecome in France but it seems that there are too much problems with it’s battery and many ysers clame they have to charge it every day!!!

  4. Geoff Dodd pi on June 25, 2008 14:30

    Yes, that is a good price Emily and i hope the quality lives up to the anticipation you must be feeling right now. Happy times with that piece of hi-tech. GPD.

  5. Salvador on July 23, 2009 07:57

    The ISP Neuf (or “N9uf”) Telecom has stopped commercialising it in France since it was taken over by the mobile operator SFR – which takes a dim view of VOIP. SFR (ex Neuf) no longer supports the device, so French users are offloading them on Ebay France. The going price is now about 30 euros. Look for “Twin Tact”. It is then an easy matter to reflash the firmware with the original E28 system.

  6. derick on May 1, 2010 17:46

    please i wish to activate the internet to my n9uf phone the model is number 2831t the s/n R2WB67BF1800214.the IMEI is 355098010233703.the WLAN is 001870215B24.and the BT 0017EA494DE94. AND THE FCCID is T6LE2831. please i will like it to be activated am i cameroon using the MTN network thanks for understanding

  7. chouki on February 11, 2011 09:09

    flach de mobail n9uf modal e2831

  8. Philip on June 15, 2011 15:17

    and wish you could help me by sending any necessary for its activation

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