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There have been several systems that provide a system wide back up service for computers, but they have always been complicated or computer based.

Operating System Emergency Box

The Japanese electronics company Century have developed a gadget called The Operating System Emergency Box, which is basically what it is, with this device you are able to back up files at the touch of a button, sounds far fetched! But it is not, the box once you have configured it to your system can sit there on the side until you want to create a back up file, then all you do is touch the Data Back Up button and that is it, you have a complete copy of all of your documents, sound s great, but there is more, if you touch the Operating System (OS) Back Up button, then you are able to make a copy of your operating system, which is always a good idea, because you never know what may happen in the future.

There is another button, Restore, with this once pressed the data previously saved, which would mean that you are able to save all your files, and when you wish to either view them or work on them again you just hit the restore button and your done, this way you do not have to leave your files on the computer.

The box itself, is small, and house a small hard drive, the whole device is company and easy to use, with clear operational buttons, the system requirements are that you need to have either Windows 2000 or XP, so it is no good for older operating systems.

The Operating System Emergency Box is available online and with cost you around $33, not bad for peace of mind.

Product Page [Century]

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