The Dogs got a mobile phone

February 19, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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dog phoneIt is every dog owners nightmare, you let the dog out into your garden, and five minutes later he has gone, where he has gone you do not know, because you got called away or had to do something, but like small children, it only takes a minutes for the worst to happen.

So your dogs gone, what do you do now, you can walk or drive around looking for him, but in reality that is not going to work, simply because dogs go a different way to cars, they do not follow the roads or paths they just go route one in straight direction to where they want to go. By the time that you have got your shoes on or got the car started he would be well away anyhow, so what on earth can an owner do to help them find their dog? Give him a mobile phone is the answer, and no not to call him and ask him where he is, but to use the GPS that a lot of mobile phones have these days.

How this works is the owner can set a sort of limit to where the dog can go, so if he runs off then you would be alerted and you can get after him fast, before he gets a long way away. But the best feature and think that everyone will agree with me here is that the manufacturers have added a call home button, oh it is as cool as it sounds, there is a button on the collar that will call you if the dog gets lost, I just really want to see the dog that does that one, it would be so funny on YouTube. But seriously the call home button is just in case the dog is found by someone all they need do is press the button and you can quickly be on your way to get the dog,

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