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February 19, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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kick offI must say that it has been sometime since a computer has crashed on me, I do not think that since a bought this laptop with the windows XP pro operating system, that it has crashed once, however my son has XP home on his and for some reason it crashes all of the time, so luck of draw and what you actually use the computer for makes all the difference.

Anyway, when I had a PC running windows ME, the thing would crash regularly and the performance of getting the thing up and running smoothly again began to take longer and longer until the time when it actually would not start at all, how I could have done with the Kick Off device, this smart little piece of kit will monitor you computer and restart it for you when it crashes, fantastic wish I had a while back.

The Kick Off device is a “Dongle” which is plugged into the USB and the Kick Off is plugged into the power socket, basically what happens is the dongle sends a signal to the software installed on the computer, if for some reason the signal is not received the Kick Off device will assume that there has been an improper shut down or that the computer has crashed and will then proceed to restart the computer.

This is great if you require your machine to running 24/7with no down time at all, the Kick Off will work with Windows, Mac, Mac Classic and Linux, which is perfect for all, but the different operating systems will use the Kick Off in different ways, by never the less this is a good bit of kit which will only set you back around $180, this is not cheap, but for an organization or an individual who requires their computer to be up and running all of the time then maybe it is not too expensive.

Product Page [Kick Off]

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