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Whatever you think about Michael Dell and Dell computers, you have to hand it to them for being one of the most upfront computer companies, they recently launched a site called Dell Idea Storm where you can go a read the postings of people who have either used, brought or just those who think they know about Dell, but it is most interesting, especially this part where Dell have asked users and potential new users exactly what they want or do not want when they buy a new Dell, here are the top ten so far;

  1. No extra software option.
  2. Pre Installed Linux.
  3. More RAM for new PC’s.
  4. Laptop Web cam.
  5. No Overseas Call Centers.
  6. Change Dell Sales Pages.
  7. Let Customers Design Laptops.
  8. License Operating System X from Apple.
  9. To see Michael Dell on the TV ads.
  10. Dell to make a tablet PC.

Out of all of those I personally like number nine, Michael Dell on TV adverts would be cool, in fact I think all company CEO’s should appear in their TV adverts every now and then, it would give them and us some sort of connection, I think they would benefit more from it than us.

It is worth checking into to this site every now and then just to see how the top ten is holding up; will it change drastically over time? The most important factor is of course, when this exercise is over, will Dell take any notice of what their customers and potential new customers are asking, in reality you would think that common sense would dictate that yes they would take on board what people are saying, but you never know, we shall have to wait and see.

Product Page [Dell Idea Storm]

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