AnyDVD HD released by Slysoft

February 18, 2007 by poeloq | Leave a Comment
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boxshot_anydvdhd.gifSlysoft have released the new version of AnyDVD which now also supports s. AnyDVD allows you to unprotect your (HD-)DVDs from DRM and copy them. The advantage of stripping your (HD-)DVDs is that you can play them in any player of your choice and skip the adverts at the beginning of the disk.

AnyDVD removes AACS and artificial HDCP/HDMI and will work on Micrsoft Windows 98 and newer, including Vista and Vista64. You will need only 2MB of HD space, but a 2GhZ processor and at least 512MB RAM. And: AnyDVD will not let you play HD-DVDs in a normal DVD drive, so of course you will need a HD DVD drive aswell.

AnyDVD HD costs $79.99 (upgrade from AnyDVD to HD is $30) and you can download a free trial.

[Product Page]

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