Cool new MP3 player that’s square

February 17, 2007 by davidallen | 5 Comments
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There are MP3 players around now in all different shapes and sizes, but this one the Mobiblu is cubed and looks like it has fallen off of a piece of machinery or something.

mobiblu mp3 player

Size wise it is only an inch square so fairly small, but slightly awkward when carrying around with you, strangely it looks like a chalk that snooker players use on the end of their cues, yet it has an organic light emitting diode (OLED) which gives off a light that is energy efficient and lets face it, happens to look really great. The blue light blends really great with the black background.

The Mobiblu has the following features, Download and play music paid for via the internet, FM Radio receiver and recorder, USB 2.0 Flash Drive, Voice Recorder, Five preset EQ Modes, SRS – WOW surround sound, File navigation system, Clock, Lithium Battery – Charged via The USB, and Receiving Pod casts for you listen to.


It comes in four fantastic colors, Black, Silver, Blue and Pink, and two memory sizes 1 GB and 2 GB. The cubes weigh a mere 18 grams, battery lasts for eight to ten hours. In the box you will find The CD with the program software, operation manual, necklace style earphones, USB and charger cable and cube crate protective case.

The price for this piece of techno art is $89.99 for the 1 GB player and $119.99 for the 2 GB player.

Product Page [Mobiblu]

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5 Comments so far

  1. Peter Law on June 29, 2007 12:31

    The challenge i see with this gadget is remembering to take it out with me daily. I currently have compuflash multifunction pen which in effect gives me the same functions plus a ball point pen, the pen is the cogent reason why i prefer my gadget, because i, and am sure anyone who has been to school would relate to this, am primed to always remember the need to carry a pen on my journeys.

  2. Mike on November 17, 2007 16:59

    I resently bought one off these and it is amazing come on look at it everyone it is tiny easy to work and doesent take up alote off space it is the perfect little gadget if i was rating it i would give me a 10 out off 10 go buy one it is wourth it

  3. John on November 17, 2007 17:00

    buy one it is worth it all these other comments are right

  4. chickn on February 9, 2008 23:45

    this is the crappiest mp3 player ive evr seen
    the ipod rocks
    the zune is ok
    sansa is for people who are ovr 30 and still like music
    this thing is ugly and not evn a color screen
    i mean hello
    skinny and thin is the new black

  5. nunya biz on April 8, 2008 21:11

    so true chickn also how are we supposed to carry the flippin thing in our pocket.Imean walkin around wit this square thing around in your pocket you would look totally ridiculous seriously people.hey it says speak your mind so best believe imma speak my mind

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