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Locca Electronic Remote SecuritThis one will be the next the big thing, we have all got used to the remote door and alarm key fobs, that we have for our cars, so it seems that the natural progression would be to transfer this technology to other applications in this case the front door of your house.

The idea is so simple that it is a surprise that it has taken a company this long to come up with the idea of having this in homes and other doors.

The Locca performs just the same as the car version, it has a range of up to fifty meters, easy to install with no prior knowledge or training, and you get two key fobs with the system. The fobs are security encrypted so it is impossible for any two people to have the same code in their systems. They system has a back up battery, which when you think about it, is a good idea because if there was a power cut, then you would not be able to get into your home.

How it works, the key for sends a signal to the sensor by the front door lock, this then decodes the signal and if correct the door release is opened and you can walk in without having to hunt around for your keys and tumble around trying to get the into the lock, and so on.

It comes with instructions on how to fit the system to your front door, you are required to have electrical knowledge, you just have to be practical in DIY and there should be no problem, of course if you are the type to have one of these fobs and carrying it around with your other fobs for the BMW X5 then you would not be worried about DIY, there would be a little man who does all your handy work for you.

Product Page [Locca Electronic Remote Security]

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