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February 13, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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This is what everyone who works at a computer all day needs at least two or three time in a single day, every day, I know that I want to smash the computer screen all the time.

This gadget allows you to smash your computer without it actually meaning that you need to buy a new computer once or twice a week, which is nice.

screen smasher

But there is serious side to this, there must be thousands and thousands of people each year how suffer from a moment of madness, computer rage is fairly common and in some cases you can understand how frustration can build and build until the point where you slam the keyboard or bang the screen, and then you suddenly realize that you have done some severe damage to your computer and a large whole appearing in your pocket.

The screen smasher, can help many people who feel that they are building up to this, by what you get is software, a sensor, and a foam hammer, when installed on your PC or Laptop you can hit the screen with the foam hammer and it cracks and smashes in front of you, to add to the effect there are realistic sounds to accompany it, so at the moment of madness you can hit the screen with a hammer, and it actually looks and feels as if you have actually done it, then when the urge subsides you can get straight back to work. That is until the next time.

In the box you will find, the software on CD, a sensor that plugs into the USB, this senses you hitting the screen and the eight inch foam hammer. The cost for this just $19.95, its worth that for your sanity.

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