How many more cores to be added? Teraflops are coming to your home!!

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Teraflops Research Chip

Intel has just announced they have reached one more milestone in multi-core developing. It is hard to believe Intel has developed not 8 core but 80 core chip capable of trillion operations per second. Just to mention, first teraflops operation was achieved in 1996, when Intel assembled ASCI Red Supercomputer using 10.000 Pentium® Pro processors consuming 500KW of electricity. Today, Intel achieves this using one single multi-core chip, using only 62 W (this is less then many processors used today). Beside cutting-edge technology (you can read all about it here) which means only numbers for most of population, interesting part is real life implementation of this technology and multi-core chip. As Justin Rattner, Intel Senior Fellow and chief technology officer, says “It points the way to the near future when Teraflops-capable designs will be commonplace and reshape what we can all expect from our computers and the Internet at home and in the office.”.

This can mean that “Star Trek” technology used in science fiction is closer to reality more then ever. The power of multi-core chips to move terabytes of data will speed up civilization development delivering supercomputer power with this first programmable processor, to our home. Rest of it is only your imagination!

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