Fire meets art: Cyclone Cust

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cyclone custIt is hard to describe this, it is a large flame encased in a glass tube or cylinder, which acts both as a heat source and a fantastic visual effect.

The Cyclone Cust is a gas powered heater that has a long glass tube through which the flame is visible, the tube can be placed where you want, providing that there is a gas supply to the place where the heater is going to be placed.

The gas is forced into the tube a bit like a jet engine, so the gas is twisting into a point, so when it is ignited the flame looks like a point, wide at the bottom and forming a point near to the top of the cylinder to give a flame all the way to the top of the tube.

It is no doubt the idea of some designers to place heaters like this in positions where they can achieve maximum effect; in some case even more than one can be used to create a more eye catching effect. The use of gas in this way has become very popular recently, it is not un-common to see those gas torches in the street outside events or venues, and this is a home version of the same idea.

With a price tag starting from nearly $3800 which is just for the base unit and does not include installation, it may not be to everyone’s taste or pocket, but gas heating is becoming more and more popular so you can expect to be seeing versions of this technology popping up in many different guises and that will suit all types of taste and pockets.

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