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February 13, 2007 by Kiklop | Leave a Comment
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Sound & Radio Station for iPod SP-2991Wi

iPod has been discussed in many articles around, so it is obvious iPod is very popular personal item. But our lifestyle sometime requires us to share some moments with others, especially late evenings with our partner. Using headphones is not solution in this kind of moments. There for, Trust had lunched 2 products, made for iPod. One is speaker set with 20W RMS(?) enough for your room. This Trust Sound & Radio Station for iPod SP-2991Wi is compatible with various iPod models, so it will fit yours too. It has simple docking station where you plug your iPod and thats it. One thing I think is missing here is not using alternative power sources (such as batteries) to give this speakers set mobility same as your iPod. Anyway, even if you don’t have iPod you can use built in AM/FM radio.

The second product recently lunched is Trust Alarm Clock Radio for iPod SP-2993Wi. The name already said what this product is about. I don’t think this alarm clock have anything special to attract costumers. Most of costumers have several mobile devices capable of playing various media and I don’t think one more device for alarm and playing music is need in your home, especially if you have to pay around 100$

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