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February 12, 2007 by davidallen | 3 Comments
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Just imagine when your friends faces when they are all hunting around for a bottle opener or screwdriver for that bottle wine that does not have a screw cap, when suddenly you take off your sunglasses and proceed to undo the bottle, how amazed would they be?

Sunglasses and tools

Well this is not too far from reality, these sunglasses are called Uber Shaded and are made by Not So Bright Sun wear of Germany are the gadget mans and ladies style of sun glasses, these will always get you out of a sticky situation.

But unlike the famous Swiss army knife, the 260 different tools are housed within the arms of the glasses, so really you are actually getting two Swiss army knives, plus a pair of polarized and UV protected sunglasses, what more could you possibly want?

What about the tools, well amongst others there are a nail file, scirrors, spanner, saw, cork screw, brush, and knife, there are in fact too many to tell you about, but these sun glasses are fully loaded so to speak. But as design goes this is an ingenious piece of design, which incorporates two items into one, or rather, 260 into one.

There is only one question, who will wear these, celebrities or those into survival, or maybe both, because you can never tall when you are going to need an extra hand when it comes to emergency situations or just being out in the forest for a walk.

Read [American Inventor Spot]

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3 Comments so far

  1. Stuart McCallum on February 12, 2007 20:43

    Surely the weight will make these uncomfortable to wear as glasses? I’d also be worried about scratching and damaging the glasses whilst using the tools!

  2. poeloq on February 18, 2007 23:16

    I think so too, Stuart. Sadly.

  3. Glen on March 1, 2007 18:35

    Sooner rather than later airport security people are going to have to confiscate this wonderfully useful piece of equipment.

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