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To scan pages from a bound book is almost impossible, you end up with parts missing or blacked out, all in all it just does not look very nice, and if you are teaching or making a presentation and the book is your only source, you going to want the clearest and most legible copy that you can possibly get, impossible, that was until now.

PlusTek Book Reader

Plustek have developed the “Book Reader” it is a scanner to all intents and purposes, but it’s a little smaller that the usual size and bit chunkier, the book reader uses advanced technology to scan the pages of a book, when finished it will use this technology to remove the shadow from the book spine which looks really horrible when you see those large black bars on your copied page, it also straightens up the lines and generally makes the whole document look professional and like a page out of the a book. When this process is done by other scanning machines they can something’s damage the book itself, which is no if it is a first edition or rare book from a collection or library, the book reader does not damage the book, which make this ideal for colleges and schools.

The machine itself is connected via the USB, has a 300 dpi black and white, use its own OCR software and is easily controlled through the one touch buttons, in all it is not the sort of thing that you would be using at home, but in an office, store or in education then this is worth looking at, and at a price of $320 it is not on the cheap side.

Product Page [Plus Tek]

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