Demo of the first Quantum computer

February 12, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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QuantumThe Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, USA is the place to be next week, when D Wave the Canadian computer company unveils the next generation in commercial computing, with a demonstration of the world’s first commercial Quantum computer.

The Quantum computer is the next level of computing technology, it is supposed to be the equivalent of a super computer against the desktop PC, being able to work out almost impossible calculations, such as codes and encryptions within seconds.

This is truly a breakthrough in computing technology if this works and works correctly, no doubt that is must have been tested and tested, otherwise they company D Wise would not be holding such an event at such prestigious venue, so its just a matter of waiting now to see exactly what they have to say and to see exactly what their Quantum computer can do and what applications they have in mind for the initial tests etc.

This is leading edge technology; next week could be very exciting for the computing world.

Product Page [D Wave]

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