The population of Second life is expanding

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second lifeWho would have thought it, the population of the second life community is expanding. On average there are around twenty thousand users online at any given time, which when you think of it is quite astonishing, the users come from all around the world and have as many different reasons for there. Some of the users have built up empires, while others are just content with a successful political career and so on.

The total amount of registered users is now over three million, which is up by over a hundred and twenty thousand on the year before. The community is made up of islands and mainland, the idea is that a user leases land either an island or on the mainland, there are at the moment 258 island, which generates the company second life something in the region of two to three hundred dollars per month, land on the mainland is leased or sold at a price of three to ten dollars per square meter, the price depends on the location, as it does in real life. Put simply this is an interactive website the land is the equivalent of a domain name and the company is very similar to hosting company, so you can see the similarities but this is fun. As in real life there is a back log of land processing, so you cannot sign up and get started from immediate effect.

If you look at the figures it would like there is an income of nearly seven hundred thousand dollars per month coming into the company, which when you look at it seems more like business that fun.

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