The alarm clock that you have to chase

February 11, 2007 by davidallen | 2 Comments
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When you have had enough of your alarm clock, buzz, beeping and as described a couple days ago with the sonic boom and bed shaker alarm clock.


So you still cannot get up, the bells, buzzer and booms just do not work, simply because every time the alarm goes off, you reach out of the nice warm bed and turn it off, and therefore you fall back to sleep and end running late or missing work, whichever is worse in your case.


Nanda have developed a clock that will not allow you to simply turn th alarm off, because this alarm clock named Clocky, has wheels, not many wheels, but two well placed wheels making it look like the bottom half of sedgeway.


When the alarm goes off, so does clocky around room, I think if you liken it to a little puppy jumping around your bedroom and yapping in a high pitched manner, do you think that would get you up in the morning, I think it would, or it would drive you mad and you will end up throwing poor little clocky out of the window.

This would make an excellent wedding gift, as it is available in several colors, so the white one would be good, it can then pre set, so the it comes alive on the night of the honeymoon, priceless at $49.99.

Product Page [Nanda]

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2 Comments so far

  1. Lucas on October 27, 2009 15:44

    Quisiera saber donde se puede adquirir este reloj…estoy viviendo en Córdoba capital(Argentina) y me gustaría comprar uno

  2. Emily on March 31, 2011 18:23

    This is hilarious! I want one now. Just so I can watch it work.

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