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February 10, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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blackout buddyIt does seem that we hear of a disaster or disasters more than ever now, anything from earthquakes to tornados, plus everything in between and beyond.

So it is no wonder that there is a growing trend for people to be looking into survivalist activities, There has been a huge rise in the amount of survivalist websites, literature and equipment being sold, as more people begin to stock up on food, tools, medicine and other equipment.

The main thing about being in a disaster area, after the event is communication, if you are unable to hear the emergency broadcasts then we will be unable to listen to the government’s instructions, which can be fatal especially in rural areas.

The Blackout Buddy, is one product that can provide you with this vital service, this is a small 3 x 5 x 1.4 inch, radio receiver and flash light, with this little device you just plug into the wall, somewhere that is easily accessible and that everyone can get to, and forget about, the batteries are charged and for action if and when required. What’s more you will get 12 to 16 hours of flash light use and 4 to 8 house of continued flash light use.

For a cost of only $29.99, this device should be in everyone’s house, just in case there comes day when it may needed. The Blackout Buddy has the following features; Super Bright LED Light provides illumination when you need it most, On/Off Switch allows you conserve power when you need to, AM/FM Radio helps you stay in tune with breaking news, Alarm Feature wakes you up when you want (with or without power), Illuminated Multi-Function LCD Screen glows a soft blue when plugged in, serving as a night light, Clock Feature easily tells the time at a glance AC Plug goes into any standard outlet to charge & standby, Telescopic Antenna helps you receive important local radio broadcasts, Headphone Jack also serves as an
FM Antenna Input to connect an external antenna for improved reception Dimensions: 3″W x 5″H x 1.4″D.

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  1. Joy on February 11, 2007 06:16

    Preparing for accidents is a good way to protect us and even our families just in case. However, I do not agree with giving some ideals about the end of the world. The natural disaster such as earthquake is not so easy to detect according to the modern scientific technology. I do admire the way you advertise your product, but I personally do not like the idea about scaring people that the world is going to be an end and your product can save their life.

    An English teacher in Taiwan.

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