Pen of the future is a syringe – Insulin Pen

February 9, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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It may have been on the original Star Trek series, or some other sci-fi program, but it has taken some time for this device to actually get onto the market, but never mind it is here and it does not look like anything off of any sci-fi program that I have ever seen, in fact it looks like a pen that Sherlock Holmes would be using.

Syringe Pen

Despite all of that the pen is in fact probably a godsend for all of those people whose lives would depend on depend it, for this pen is actually a syringe for diabetics to inject insulin with. As you can see from the image it does look like a convential fountain pen, yet this medical device will dispense the proper dosage of insulin, which would appear to be a far better and easier way for diabetics to manage their medication.

The device is made by the Indianapolis based pharmaceutical corporation called Eli Lilly, the needle is hidden within the injector, the insulin dosage is then managed by having the drug in cartridges which are put into the pen and the diabetic can put into the pen the dosage required for their particular type of diabetes, this is then stored in the pen and the last sixteen doses are logged, so there will never be any discrepancies as to when the diabetic last used the insulin, this is quite a serious matter, as if the user misses a dose or on the other hand has too many, then this can put them into a life threatening position.

This gadget has been out in the European market already, but now the company is ready to launch into the US market, which will see the pens used by many more people across the states, than have used the pen in Europe.

The initial costings is that the pen will be on offer at around $45, which for something like this, is not really that much to spend, as it is an insulin management system, and will help diabetics to take the insulin and then not having to worry it about until the next dose is due.

Product Page [Eli Lilly]

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