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February 9, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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If you are into extreme sports and would love to get some film of you show boating around, then the camera of choice for all extreme sport people should be the Oregon Scientific Hands Free Action Camera, now that is quite a mouth full, even if you have a big mouth like mine.

action camera

The Action camera is very versatile and robust, lets face it it would need to be. This is a digital camera that can be mounted virtually anywhere, but of course the best place would be on your head or hat, on the handle bars of your BMX or and this is the best one, on the end of your skateboard. Can you just imagine the shots that you would be getting from that sort of angle?

The Action camera runs on two AA batteries, is waterproof, has resolution of around 640 X 480, on the side it has a SD card slot show you would need to purchase a descent sized one like a 2 GB as this is what the camera records onto, once you have finished filming you can view your skills on the PC or TV. So as you can probably tell this is not some toy to mess around with, this is a serious piece of kit, so for extreme sports fans this camera could be your way to getting on film even if it is only a digital recording.

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