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February 9, 2007 by davidallen | 4 Comments
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nokia mapsNokia will soon be making the mapping program smart2go available free of any charges to anyone with a compatible Nokia phone.

Smart2go is a program that will allow the user load maps from all around the world onto the Nokia mobile phone, these maps are full of information like places to go, restaurants, theatres and so on, so wherever the user is, there would be no need to buy a local map, or even ask a stranger for directions, as all they would need to do is download the appropriate map and all the information is there for them see.

This software will be pre-installed on the new Nokia N series multi media computer phones, as and when they become available, the name that this service will be going under is Nokia Maps, so when you see this advertised you now know exactly what Nokia Maps is, and what it can do for you.

Product Page [Nokia Maps]

Product Page [Smart2Go]

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  1. Luděk on February 12, 2007 12:53

    thanks you

  2. Nokia - The communicator : TurboGadgets Gadget Reviews and Gadget News on February 12, 2007 17:44

    […] But now we are looking at the Nokia E90 Communicator, what different about this one? Well the phone is a quad band GSM, and has both Wi Fi and HSDPA radios built within the phone, as with all mobile phones of today naturally it has a camera, this is a 3.2 mega pixel one for your photos and a second one on the front of the phone to use with video calls, plus as mentioned the other day, this is one of the new Nokia phones that come complete with the new Nokia Maps software package, which will enable you to find out where are and what is going on around you, in conjunction with the GPS. […]

  3. Anon on April 15, 2007 18:53

    This looks really cool, just hope that they bring one out for the non-symbian nokias because my M.D just bought us all Nokia 6234’s which are cool but lack symbian.

  4. nokiamaps on April 16, 2008 01:51

    Nokia Map Loader only works on Windows, needs .net framework, and if you add a new map the map loader deletes all your existing maps so you’ll have to download them all over again.

    But you don’t need Nokia Map Loader. links to all maps on Nokia’s smart2go server. Works with any browser on any operating system, including Mac and Linux. No need to install anything on your computer, so it works when you’re in a hotel, school, at work, or in an internet cafe.
    If your phone talks WiFi or 3G you can add and update maps from your phone’s web browser without even touching a computer.

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