Countdown to the end of G W Bush

February 9, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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I can’t even imagine how Americans are out there buying one of these, but I just thought that this one really had to in here as a gadget called Backwards Bush to be savored and collected for the long term.

So what is it, well we are now in the final years of President Bush, Mrs. Clinton is already getting the new curtains made, she can do that because she already has the measurements. This key holder actually has the time left of George Bush’s presidency.

key holder - Backwards Bush

So every time you hear a speech or see yet another invasion about to begin, then all you will to do is just look at the timer and thank the stars that it is counting down, if you have to look at too often, don’t worry because it does also countdown in seconds, so it will always be going down no matter how often you are enforced to look at it.

The timer can be set for the date on which the Presidents term of office officially comes to an end, 20th January 2009. That is unless the American public elects him president for life!!

Product Page [Backwards Bush]

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