A ultra slim VoIP phone: APIOTEK USB SkyPhone


apiotek usb voip phoneThe domain of internet telephony is growing bigger and bigger. Endless sessions of chatting now requires phones that are sleek and comfortable to fit into your hands. And so Apiotek has come out with its latest VOIP phone. The APIOTEK USB SkyPhone is only 75mm thick or rather thin and is just 123mm in width ie less than an inch and a half. The phone weighs just 69 grams.

Apiotek has not just concentrated on the structure of the phone. The ultraslim phone looks are also to go by the latest trend. A black finish on the top and a smooth metal finish on the backside complements the phone’s sleekness.

skyphoneThe APIOTEK USB SkyPhone is compatible with Skype and fully supports MSN and Yahoo Messenger. The phone supports Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP and Vista and also Mac 8.6 and above. It also supports record function but this facility is available with windows only.
The phone connects with the computer by a USB cable and is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0. However the phone does not have a full on display and the customer has to be satisfied with two LED’s.
APIOTEK’s USB SkyPhone is available for $39.

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  1. Hello,

    Ik heb deze skype-phone reeds enige tijd in mijn bezit maar heb deze sinds aankoop niet kunnen gebruiken omdat het produkt niet goed werkte. Ben de software en drivers nu kwijt. Ik zou de phone weer eens willen proberen met de huidige (hopelijk verbeterde)software.
    Waar kan ik een download vinden?

    m.vr.grt, J Tanis


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