When water is used to display time: The ChronArte Canna

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Canna Clock
When we speak of time we speak of clocks. Clocks come in a variety of designs ranging from the analog to the digital to the sand clock and even the sundial which uses the sun. Now comes a clock, which displays time with real liquid. The Canna Clock by ChronArte is a lovely looking wall , which uses coloured liquid in tubes to display time.

The ChronArte Canna consists of 12 glass tubes each marked at 10 minutes gap. The tubes fill with every passing moment, displaying minute and hours precisely. When all the 12 tubes are filled i.e at noon and at midnight, the system empties and the process restarts. The system is filled up with 5.25 gallons of water. The total height of the Canna clock is 121 cm and is 72cm wide. Customers can choose the colour of the liquid to match with the interior of their house.

The ChronArte Canna symbolizes flowing time metaphoric with flowing water. The watch however comes at a whopping price of $12,000.

Product Page [ChronArte]

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