Korea Telecom unveils wireless telephone with a remote for TV/PVR/DVD

February 8, 2007 by techbuzz | 1 Comment
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Ann series

How many times do you misplace your television remotes? It’s quite natural that often many of us keep searching for our television remote, when it hides itself in between couch cushions. We keep wondering that alas had there been a system by which we can give a ring and the remote from a remote corner of our house starts ringing just as we do when we loose our cell phone.

Well, probably keeping this concern in mind, South Korea’s Korea Telecom has designed a unique ‘Ann series’ phones, which serves a plethora of purposes. Korea Telecom has added many models in their Ann series which really is stuffed with a wide range of features. The new models in this new series of wireless phones has been given unique names, such as, Ann Sweety, Ann Cutie and the like, which all has got a color display embedded in it.

The most interesting thing about this series of phone is its features. This Ann series works as a remote for TV/PVR/DVD. Yes, though amazing, yet it is true. Apart from working as a remote for various home entertainment devices, this cordless telephone is also able to handle SMS messages. Though the price and availability of this product has not been ascertained as yet, however, it could be asserted that this cool device will make life easier. So those who are in the habit of misplacing their remote every now and then need not worry, just give a ring and the remote-cum-telephone will start ringing.

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  1. Gerlee on September 30, 2010 18:11

    Hello. I live in Mongolia & I bought telephone that made on February, 2007 by techbuzz. I don’t know Korean language so I can’t change the phones language. I would like to take the guide-book /by English language/of the phone. If YOU have a great facility, please send me the guide-book. My mail address gerlee_78@yahoo.com. I believe that You’ll accede my earnest request.


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