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February 8, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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Yes you read in right, and its not even April 1st yet!

An artist from Montreal, Canada, plans to build and launch a giant 300 metre long Banana into space, the project that is called the Geostationary Banana over Texas, project and the goal is to float the Helium filled Banana over Texas for just one month.


The artist Cesar Saez, has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, who believe that Cesar Saez is an important artist and warrants the amount of funding that they are providing, the total figure to see the project completed is believed to close to one million dollars, and is being funded via the Canada Council for the Arts. Yet there has been several comments on spending that amount of cash on a project that will only remain in the air for a month and will only be seen from the State of Texas, many Canadians believe that the money could be well spent on the homeless, but the Council thinks that this a fantastic opportunity to promote contemporary art.

The Banana is essentially a large helium filled balloon, which is constructed from a bamboo and balsa wood cage and covered by a skin of synthetic paper. The whole project is a feat of engineering when you think about the size of the structure about 300 metres long and constructed similar in design to an airship. The building is underway right now and there is an opportunity for interested skilled personnel to join the program and help out, there are many open positions from fund raising to engineering and translations, details on how to apply and what skills the project are looking for are on the website.

No matter what people say about this project, they may love it or on the other hand hate it, but you have to give them credit, this is not just a piece of contemporary art, it is almost like building a massive structure similar to a bridge or tall building, yet this will float in the air between thirty and fifty kilometers above the state of Texas, incredible.

The initial date set for the launch is in August 2008; this will take place in Baja or Sonora in the North West part of Mexico.

Read [Geostationary Banana over Texas]

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  1. Justin Garfield on November 24, 2007 23:42

    ”this is not just a piece of contemporary art, it is almost like building a massive structure similar to a bridge or tall building”

    Yeah well at least these are usefull and also cash well spent… where are our priorities? millions die every year of hunger and this guy plans to spend AT LEAST (Cuz I don’t believe that it will only cost 1 million) Good job… just another proof that the canadian-american society is selfish and individualist.. just disgusting

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