A security gift for Valentines Day

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What do you buy the loved one in your life? Chocolates, Flowers or Jewelry? Well some of the more security conscious people are buying the love of their lives security and protection products.

In the case of a what to buy the lady in your life, Taser International inc, have a range of self defense devices, of which most people know them as just simply “Tasers” and in a situation that warrants the use of a weapon then probably using a Taser would be the preferred method of stopping an assailant compared with using a fire arm or something else that could lead to the attacker suing the person that they had attacked for injuries or some other claim for compensation.


The Taser C2 is the latest device from Taser and has some really heavyweight technology behind it, basically a can be fired at a person, the range is about fifteen feet and it will most defiantly stop an assailant from attacking you, even if they are under the influence of drink or drugs, which just goes to show the effect that this type of device can have on a person. The Taser C2 can also be used at close range as a contact stun device, so if you forget about lethal weapons like guns and knives, then this is truly one of the most effective ways of defending yourself without the fear of keeping and having to use a gun or something similar.

The way that the Taser C2 is being marketed is like it is for women to carry around with them, it comes in four colors, Black Pearl, Titanium Silver, Electric Blue and Metallic Pink, what other weapon of choice come in your favorite color? The main features other than the color are; 0 feet to 15 feet range, Lightweight and Compact, Highly Portable, Built in Safety Features, Powerful Shaped Pulse Technology, Optional Laser Site, Integrated LED Light, Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, One Year Warranty, and all powered by a Lithium Power Magazine.

Now despite being used by 10,000 Police and Law enforcement agencies worldwide, the Taser C2 is not considered as a fire arm by the US Government and can be carried either concealed or unconcealed without any permit being issued to the owner in 43 states, obviously there are security checks made before anyone can purchase one of these, but that is it, although the devices are fitted with unique serial numbers and a anti felon identification tag, which is to help the police to track down any misuse.

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