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SpinVoxYes it is every bloggers dream come true, imagine being able to talk you blog down the phone and when you have finished its online as it would have been as if you had be online and written it by hand.

Sounds like fiction? Well it is not, Spin Vox have been providing voice powered services for some time now, their very popular voice to text messaging service which converts voice to text, which is very handy when you are in a meeting or crowded place when it is impractical to listen to a voice mail message, Spin Vox converts the voice mail into a text message which you can read at your leisure.

So now with Spin Vox Speak a Blog it will be possible to exactly the same but for your blog, sounds great to me! So how does Speak a Blog work? You have that insperation, but you are out and about, you get your mobile phone and dial your own Speak a Blog phone number and leave your blog posting as a message, the Spin Vox conversation process then converts this voice message into text, and then the Speak a Blog program sends the converted text to your blog as an email. That’s it!

The great thing about this is the fact that you are able to make blog postings wherever and whenever you feel like it, imagine being in a city and you spot a celeb, you take a quick photo on your phone, and call up your Speak a Blog phone number, it is quite possible that you and your blog could be the first posting of this, before all the glossy mags and newspapers, what if you happened to be in the right place at the right time for any breaking news story, Speak a Blog appears to be a fantastic tool for blogging and news stories.

Of course there is a cost involved but at the moment the company offering free trials of the Speak a Blog service, this is available for both UK and International based bloggers, so what are you waiting for?

Product Page [Speak a Blog]

Product Page [Speak a Text]

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