This alarm will defiantly get you up: Sonic Bomb Clock

February 7, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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Sonic Bomb Clock

If you are having trouble getting up in the morning with your alarm clock, maybe a new type of alarm is what you need, or perhaps after you read this you may want to buy this new alarm anyhow because this alarm is simply going to rock you world.

Now we know that normal alarms either ring or buzz, some have snooze buttons and some even have lights that display the time on the ceiling in lights, but even with all these sound and light effects sometimes you just sleep right through the alarm process and still end up getting late and having to either rush to work or end up late, which just ruins your day. So what you are looking for is something with a little bit more kick to get you up and ready to greet the new day.

The Sonic Bomb Clock is something that may be right up your street; for this is no ordinary alarm clock this one comes with a kick. Not only will this alarm dish out 113 decibels of ear drum busting sound, apparently a Jack hammer is around 100, but it also has another feature that can only be described as earth moving or rather bed shaking, yes this the Sonic Bomb Clock comes with bed shaker, which is placed under your mattress and when the alarm goes off the bed will shake too and there is no way that even someone in the deepest sleep could ever sleep through that, it would be like sleeping through an earthquake.

The Sonic Bomb Clock has several settings Sound, Sound and Shake and shake only, so there is a combination there for everyone. The design of the clock is pretty cool too, black body with red button and clock display, the clock is powered by mains but also it has a battery back up supply, so even a power cut would not even stop the Sonic Bomb Clock from going off and getting you up in the morning. This alarm clock takes no prisoners.

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  1. Lucas on October 27, 2009 15:47

    Quisiera saber donde se puede adquirir este reloj…estoy viviendo en Córdoba Capital(Argentina) y me gustaría comprar uno

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