The Rodeo comes to your living room: iJoy Ride

February 7, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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If you have ever fancied being a rodeo star, but never had the courage or opportunity to get up there and show them what you are made of, then this product is going to be for you.

iJoy Ride

The iJoy Ride is a smaller version of those rodeo horse machines that we so often see in the movies and on TV, where they normally being ridden by a girl or a wanna be cowboy, the iJoy Ride is simply a baby version of the very same machine, yet this one is designed for exercise purposes and not for the fun and amusement of others.

The machine works on the principal that it works all of your muscles by making you keep your balance on the machine, while it goes through the three motion positions, pitching, which helps the abdominal muscle group, rolling which helps to strengthen the inner thighs and mid torso muscles and finally the yawing motion for working the lower back group of muscles.

As well as the three motion positions, there are four speeds, warm up, easy, medium and hard, these are meant to work with the three motion positions in varying lengths of time in order to give the body a complete workout, instead of just working a single group of muscles.

At a price of around $479 US, this makes the iJoy ride a fairly expensive piece of fitness equipment, though as you can imagine, it can create a load of laughs at parties when everyone gets to have a go.

Product Page [iJoy Ride]

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  1. Leo on December 8, 2010 08:41

    Waar is deze Ijoyride machine te koop in Nederland?

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