Geeky Gadget: Telescope with Video Capturing

February 7, 2007 by poeloq | 1 Comment
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I remember when I got my first telescope many years ago as a birthday present from my parents and viewing the moon through it the first time: That was one of the most amazing moments for me at the time. One of my dreams was getting a CCD sensor for taking pictures with it, but in those days CCD sensors cost an arm and a leg.

telescope with video capturing

Technology and prices have moved on a little since then (how can people call them the good old days?!) and once again Gadget Universe have done it: a video capturing with a 3.1 Megapixel sensor. The German made lenses should offer good quality pictures and the Japanese made digital camera will capture this digitally, either as videos or JPEG pictures. The SD slot will make sure you don’t run out of storage space and the 2.5″ display will make for good preview and viewing of your videos and picture. The whole things costs $500, which in my opinion is a good deal.
The only problem: I live in Europe’s biggest city at the moment and also in one of Asia’s biggest cities, that just doesn’t give me much opportunity for using a telescope, unless I want to use that 15x to 45x zoom to spy on far way human subjects. I think I will give that one a miss.

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  1. scooter on February 8, 2007 01:24

    I’d pass on this as well. Specs are not enough to draw real photo enthusiasts.

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