Cell Phone Tripod: Take a better photo on your cell phone

February 7, 2007 by davidallen | Leave a Comment
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How many people have some really bad photos sorted on their mobile phones, they are either out of focus or those types of photos that have half your head cut off, but we never complain because that is what camera phones are for, a quick off the cuff snap of something that we feel is funny, or even interested in.

Cell Phone TripodCell Phone Tripod

So enter the cell phone tripod, this little device will enable you to take hands free and even shake free photographs to be proud of, you never know you may even be so proud in them that you would feel the urge to send them onto friends or family, who can share in the experience.

For just a mere $25, the cell phone camera tripod can be yours, however you must you remember that in order to take photos with this device, you need a camera phone and for hands free photos, you need to have a camera phone with a timer.

These cell phone products are good for the right people, if you love to take photographs, maybe you are putting things on ebay and you are looking for a way to put images on the site. Whatever you want to use this for, at that price it does not even matter if you only use it once

Product Page [X-Tremegeek]

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