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If you are one of those people who is concerned with how much energy you are using, worried about global warming and climate change as a direct result of how much energy you are using up every day, then Think Geek have the product of your dreams, a device that can measure the amount of power each device is using.

Watts Up Pro

The concept is simple, you plug any device into the Watts Up Pro, which will then begin to count the amount of power or Watts the device is using, of course if you want to measure the amount of power used throughout your house then it appears that you would need a device for each electrical item in your house, which would sort of defeat the object. Though I suppose the general idea would be to measure the output of each device and then add them all together which would then give you an overall amount which you could then see exactly how much energy you would be using over a certain time period.

The Watts Up Pro, has PC interface which will enable you to download the results and see the figure in a clear and concise manner as the software automatically graphs all the recorded data that is has collected and then uses an integrated analyzing tool to show you exactly what is going on and how much energy is being used at certain times of the day, recording Min – Max voltage, Min – Max current, RMS voltage, RMS current, average monthly cost, which would enable you calculate how long it would take to pay for the device by saving the energy consumed.

In the box you will get the Watts Up Pro device with integrated software, six foot power cord, one year warranty and then you are away, ready to count those Watts as they get eaten up by all the electrical items that we all seem to have now days.

Product Page [Think Geek]

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