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No matter what you use, laptop, mobile phone or PDA, if you are taking notes on something, say an order or just a telephone number, it has always been easier and much faster to simply write it down on a piece of paper, although in the longer term it is always better to have the information stored digitally where you need it, like your laptop, mobile phone or PDA.

Even when you begin to transfer data from files or address books the whole process is boring and wastes time, something that we all cannot afford to do as this will either effect our work or leisure time.

Logitech io2

However like a miracle, there is a solution where you can put data as described above like a simple phone number or something more complex like an order or directions etc, as simply as writing it down on a piece of paper, does that sound interesting!

Logitech have a product that they have named the io2, which essentially is a digital pen, you use it like a regular pen writing your notes, plans or orders on a specially developed piece of paper, once you have written on the paper the paper optically reads what has been written or drawn and then it is stored, you can store up to forty pages at one time, so there is a lot of scope there for many different applications.

When you are ready, maybe you were out of the office, or just at a meeting, you place the pen in the docking station and with the io2 software you are ready to transfer your notes from the pen to your computer. These documents will normally transfer as an image, a bit like when you use a scanner to copy a document, but in case you are not happy with this, you are able to use the software to translate the image into a text or word document, where you can edit or change certain factors that you are not happy with.

The paper comes in pads or varying sizes, like A4 to small note pads, this could be the only drawback, as you will need to keep a supply of this handy in order to keep using the io2.

What do you get in the box? Logitech® Digital Pen, Smart Paper: A5 notebook, USB travel cradle and extension cable, 3 ink refills & 2-year limited hardware warranty. The price is around 149.99 USD

Product Page [Logitech]

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