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February 6, 2007 by davidallen | 1 Comment
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You know how it is, we all have personal electrical items that run on battery power and they are great, they stay charged for hours, we recharge them when the battery is run down, yet why is it that when we are out, away from any power points, that we always find out that this is the time that we really need all of our portable electrical item to be fully charged and working, and they never are!

XantrexWell help is at hand with Xantrex’s XPower Power Source Mobile 100, this little gadget will power up to three of your electrical items for some hours depending on what it is and how long you are using it for. This device comes with an airline and a car adapter for those inconvenient times while traveling, but it also has a normal plug in the wall plug as well as two USB ports, which can be used to charge other devices like Blackberry, , , Palm or something similar with a USB charger.

As for how long the power source will last depends on the device or devices connected to it for example, a laptop will get about two hours of power, while a PSP will get 12 hours, iPod 44 hours and a massive 72 hours for the , which is really good and can be life saver when traveling around or through airports and stations, you will never have to worry about the battery life left on your personal electrical items.

This is a really handy little gadget that only weighs in at about a pound, will charge up in no time at all, and can power up to three devices at one time, and has Over heating shutdown, Low battery shutdown, and Overload shutdown, which is very handy and gives you peace of mind.

I suppose there are many people out there thinking right now, “I could have done with one of those the other day” well we all have a time like that, but it does not have to be like that anymore with the Xantrex’s XPower Power Source Mobile 100, which will set you back about $100.

Product Page [Xantrex]

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  1. Diane on August 5, 2007 17:25

    I want to plug in led christmas lights on a costume.
    the power must be portable . will this work?

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