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Lucy Merchant Radiator

Most of us have grown up with the site of radiators, they are all more or less the same sort of design, made of metal and normally white, so what is so interesting about radiators then? Well the simple answer is nothing, which is why designer Lucy Merchant has been designing radiators that do not actually look like radiators, it is so simple that everyone is going to say “I could have thought of that” yet like all good designs and inventions it is those who actually get down and do it, who end up taking all of the credit.

Well designer Lucy Merchant has taken the humble radiator and turned into something interesting, the are three versions at the moment, the white picket fence, golden tipped garden style gate, and the white picket style gate. These radiators are clearly only going to suit certain people, those who are slightly arty or extrovert in nature are the ones that spring to mind.

There is always going to be a market for unusual furniture it may not be a mass market, or to everyone’s taste, but I think that is what makes products like this so interesting and desirable to that certain minority who like to be different and not follow the lead of the masses.

Product Page [Lucy Merchant]

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